- February 8, 2017__4 Listening to your favorite songs can relax you with positive vibes.
Music is an art for all music lovers. Many people even prefer to Music is an art for all music lovers. Many people even prefer tolisten to music while working. Listen to music while work or travelwould be more fun with offline music apps or cache music apps whichlet you to stream music offline.Few people love to listen to old songs and others are more interestedin trending and new songs. If you are a huge music fan then keepingall of the good music in the memory card would not be a good option.But, fortunately a good work around for this is to use offline musicapps which helps you to play CACHE MUSIC.There are few apps which even allows you to STREAM MUSIC WITHOUTINTERNET. I am sharing music apps without wifi which you can downloadto listen to free offline music.


android and iOS users. You can easily search any of your favorite songon your device and play it on your device. It has good collection oftracks and also allows you to create endless playlists with yourfavorite artists, songs, albums & MP3s for free.You can easily search your favorite songs, artists, albums, radiostations and audio channels on this app and listen music offline onyour device. It also allows you to sing song along with your favoriteartist by lyrics.


everyone pop-outs, Pandora. If you are looking for some new trendingmusic stations where you can listen to music offline then here it’syour station. Pandora is one of the best top popular music streamingservice without the internet. Anyhow, Pandora got less collection of
songs when compared with other offline music streaming apps. But when songs when compared with other offline music streaming apps. But whenyou compare with its features, none of the music apps can be comparedwith it.Pandora app features lots of new features were one among is the alarmclock. It will wake you up with your favourite music. Just like othermusic apps, it will also let you create a radio station with similarmusic.


apps which can also be used to play offline music without the internetconnection and is serving millions of users. The best part, it’svery easy to find your favorite songs according to different genresand artists you wish. Also, it let the users create custom stationjust like the iHearRadio app.Slacker radio is free and it also gives subscription access tomillions of songs and hundreds of human-powered music stations onmobile, web, in-car entertainment and consumer electronics. Here youcan simply choose a station based on genre or artists and startlistening.


by Clear Channel Management Services, LP Owned by Clear Channel Communications, iHeartRadio features more than800 live broadcast and digital-only radio stations. While this numbermay seem small compared to the thousands of stations offered by otherapps, the stations offered here are among the countrys best and mostpopular. In addition to its catalog of live radio stations,iHeartRadio also allows the listener to create custom radio stations,based on a song or artist. Aside from audio considerations, the app isalso well designed, in that its organized and easy to navigate.Because of its selection, program quality, and combination of bothlive and custom radio, iHeartRadio earns an essential spot in thisAppGuide.Notable Apps


by Andy Martinez Xtend Fm has fairly poor App Store ratings, but I sort of like it. Thekey to appreciating Xtend is that this app doesnt provide numerouslocal channels. What it offers is a small handful of good internetchannels with popular content, packaged together in a classic radiointerface. You can assign channels to one of six presets forconvenient switching. The programs load quickly and come out clear.This app will not be for everyone and will not be worth the cost forsome, but its better than its low ratings indicate.


by TuneIn TuneIn Radio Pro is not a massively popular app, but it does what itdoes very well. With over 50,000 stations and 120,000 shows to selectfrom, this universal app is an essential one for those looking forradio on their iOS. There is also a free version of the app (linkedbelow), but the paid version offers the killer feature of being ableto record the station youre listening to. Both the free and paidversion allow you to pause or rewind live shows.[iHeartRadio – Free Music & Internet AM/FM Radio


by SIRIUS XM Radio Inc If you are a SiriusXM subscriber, then youll want this app. It offerssome nice functions, such as TuneStart, which can play a song from thebeginning, even if you switched to the station mid-song. You can alsogo back in time up to five hours to listen to previously broadcastprogramming, or pause what youre listening to and pick up where youleft off. This Sirius app is useless for non Sirius-subscribers, butits certainly worth it for those that subscribe.Recording and Alarm Clock!]


by EnSight Media Out of all the apps on this list, Radio Alarm may be the best looking,in terms of design. Radio Alarm takes the look, feel, and function ofan old-school radio alarm clock. This app is powered by SHOUTcastradio, which gives it access to more than 45,000 radio stations,including some fantastic international stations. It has a few issues,for example, the app doesnt naturally fade out when another music appis opened. You cant listen to some top American stations. It alsodoesnt have as many features as some of the other apps. Still, interms of overall package, this was an acceptable radio option.Other Apps


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