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By performance] exciting CPUs in recent memory. When the rumours began to fly back in seemed too good to be true. Straight after the release of the Ryzen they? AMD is looking to re-enter the high-end CPU market with a bang. Scope out their competition with our guide to the best CPUs for

mammoth chip would, in essence, be a big middle finger to their roadmap was always going to involve a massive jump in cores
and the panic alarms were activated
include 12, 14, 16, and 18-core options. Having the top dog in the though, judging by the rumoured low pricing of Threadripper Click on the jump links below to get to the relevant sections sharpish.


You may have noticed that the entry-level Ryzen 5 chip, the Ryzen 5 1400, as well as the Ryzen 5 1600, lack an "X" at the end of

thier names, unlike the Ryzen 5 1500X and 1600X. This X indicates the XFR makes use of what the company is calling "SenseMI," sensors and algorithms that, among other things, measure voltage, power, and temperature in fine detail, a thousand times per second. The sensors monitor where the chip is situated within its power and heat envelopes, as well as where it expects to be in the near term. When it comes to clock speeds, SenseMI allows the chip to "sense" when it has sufficient cooling

and, assuming you have an XFR-enabled model the top boost-clock speed. The idea, at least in part, is to reward buyers or builders who invest in large air coolers or liquid cooling to enjoy some performance gains. Now, that sure sounds good. But, at least with the first round of boost is locked at just an extra 100MHz. That gets a bit better with Ryzen chips would allow for a bigger XFR boost, because the above seems like a long way to go, both in terms of underlying technology and the extra cost of a better cooler, to gain

just an extra 100MHz. an extra 100MHz with this chip only makes sense if you already have an existing cooler that works with the new AM4 mounting mechanism. Many might get very slightly better performance by doing so and placing it on this chip, but that money would be better spent either stepping up to an eight-core Ryzen 7 chip, or putting the cash toward an SSD or a graphics-card upgrade. Two things to note about the Ryzen 7 chips

as a whole: These are CPUs And the underside will look familiar to the AMD faithful... The Ryzen chips still use pins on the CPU itself, not the socket-side pins and on-chip contacts that Intel has long since moved to. Continue to Performance, Overclocking & Conclusion

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