there’s nothing better to make the time fly and take your mind offcramped economy quarters than a good inflight entertainment system.These airlines have taken pains to make sure that your journey isabout more than getting you from Point A to Point B, and have stockedtheir systems with so many distractions that you’ll forget you’rein the air.


Consistently voted among the top ten airlines for inflightentertainment, Qantas makes the cut for the sheer scale of itsofferings. International flights have between 300-1500 entertainmentoptions for passengers to choose from depending on plane type. Movies,shows, music, games, radio, and a dedicated Kids Zone keep folksoccupied, and a quick download of the PressReader app on your devices

before you board gives you a twelve hour window of complimentaryaccess to thousands of newspapers and magazines.


the island nation’s growing tourism industry seriously. A great

the island nation’s growing tourism industry seriously. A greatselection of Iceland-centric content introduces visitors to thecountry’s unique culture through a seatback personal entertainmentsystem. Learn about volcanic eruptions and culinary legacies throughshort episodic content, listen to music by various local artists(turns out there are many besides Björk), or watch movies directed byIcelanders or shot in the country’s rugged landscapes alongside

Hollywood blockbusters and American television shows.


Virgin Atlantic flights come equipped with seatback monitors chockfull of recent releases, popular TV shows (including current Netflixand HBO faves), kids’ content, games, music, and even audiobooks.With a special platform dubbed Vera, you won’t be bored and can playwhatever your heart desires even before and after take off. Meanwhile,

sister airline Virgin America sports a similar seat-back system calledRed, equipped with a very special extra feature: seat-to-seat chat,which allows you to make new friends or even anonymously send a glassof champagne to the cutie in 16C.


You’ll never have to curse your ill-timed flight again for causingyou to miss a game—JetBlue streams DirecTV to every seat for free,

allowing for appointment viewing and live channel surfing. With 36channels on most planes and over 100 channels on A321s, it’s as goodas a session on your couch. Actually, it’s even better, since youdon’t even have to stand up to get your hands on some free chips andsoft drinks. Add in free SiriusXM, $5 on-demand movies, and free Wi-Fithat supports on- and off-line access to media from such sources asVice and the Wall Street Journal on your devices, and you’ve got

yourself a winner.


Qatar’s Oryx One system offers a whopping 2000 ways to distractyourself and boasts featured collections including the “Al PacinoCollection” and the complete set of films from the Marvel CinematicUniverse. Content comes in a range of languages and also includesplenty that will introduce visitors to Qatari and Middle Easternculture. Listen to a live concert recording of a Yemeni singer, thenswitch to a movie for a dose of Hulk smash… talk about eclectic.


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