TOP OF HIS HEAD Now if you’re looking to get free Wi-Fi while traveling the friendlyskies, well, look no further. A Reddit user recently posted the mother of all lifehacks detailing how to get free Wi-Fi whentraveling on either US Airways, American Airlines, Delta, Air Canada,

or Alaska Airlines.The steps involved read as follows:* Connect to the gogo wifi network* Browse the movie library and find a free movie* Click on the free movie and it will bring you to a page todownload the gogo app* Enter the code to access to App Store to get to the gogo app

* You will be in the App Store* Go back to Safari and open a new tab* Enjoy free wifi!

Simple as that.

Simple as that.The method used here is rather straight forward. In order to downloadthe gogo app, you’re provided with temporary Internet connectivity.Once that’s enabled, you’ve given a period of time to begin thedownload. But instead of using your Wi-Fi connection to download theapp, you can start browsing to your heart’s content.This type of strategy is of course nothing new. As one Reddit

commentor points out, something similar was possible on Netscape backin the day.> I used to do something very similar with Netscape back in the dark> times of dial up. Pop in Netscape disk. Fill out some basic info to> “sign up” Netscape would connect to the internet to confirm> info. Open a new browser page, and presto! Free 56kbps glory.The only caveat to this awesome Wi-Fi workaround is that you will have

to re-start the process every 10-20 minutes depending on the airline.Still, it’s a clever and convenient way to get a little bit of webtime in without having to pay for it.Incidentally, this work around doesn’t appear to work with Androiddevices. View Comments

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